Experienced Cooling Tower Inspections and Maintenance

Cooling towers are the workhorses of process technology and facility climate control systems. Relative to their purpose, the maintenance needs of cooling towers may seem very small. However, in order to ensure that a cooling tower is able to create the right conditions for optimum performance under all circumstances, maintenance must be a high priority.

The experienced technicians at TCS Michigan have been demonstrating the cost benefits of performing timely inspections on cooling tower water systems. It only makes good business sense to approach cooling tower maintenance from a preventative philosophy.

Ignoring a cooling tower system can be expensive. If your one of your cooling towers is not functioning properly, other systems suffer and cannot work properly. This can cause damage to more than just your cooling tower system, leading to costly repairs of other process and facility environmental systems.

TCS  Michigan provide a thorough inspection of any crossflow or counterflow cooling tower. This includes inspecting the mechanical equipment, fan deck, hot water deck, structure, handrails, fill, drift eliminators, louvers and casing, distribution system, plenum area, and stairway.

For many of our customers, we customize a scheduled preventative maintenance program to meet cooling tower issues. Contact TCS today at 734.708.4827 to discuss your commercial boiler service needs or to discuss energy saving opportunities.