Maintain Your Compressed Air System For Significant Annual Energy Savings

Compressed air is not free like most shop employees think it is. It requires significant amounts of energy to power even a small process system. For example, a 100-horsepower can consume approximately $50,000 in electrical costs per year.

Along with annual maintenance, operating a compressed air system for production processes can be a large expense that hurts the bottom line.

Many facilities have no idea how much money that is wasted on their air supply. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, compressed air leaks represent 20-28% of total compressed air use. Making improvements to save money is a worthwhile investment for many plants. However, in a recent study only 17% of facility managers consider compressed air efficiency as a management goal.

A complete system survey is essential to maximizing your compressed air usage. It’s critical to view your air supply as a complete system from both the supply and demand sides. Basically, this is the components that create and deliver the pressurized air and the components and processes that consume it. As a system, each component has an effect on the other parts, positively or negatively. When you add demand to one side of the process equation, you affect the supply of the equation elsewhere.

The TCS  Michigan team of technicians can provide a thorough inspection and test its performance. From there they can determine leaks that need repair, compressor issues, piping design problems, air dyer issues and other hindrances that reduce performance.

We take a a five step approach to measuring and improving your compressed air system performance:

  • Step One: Survey Your Compressed Air System
  • Step Two: Monitor System Power Consumption and Determine Operating Costs
  • Step Three: Identify and Review Demand Requirements
  • Step Four: Develop Strategies for Repairs and System Upgrades
  • Step Five: Apply for Incentive Rebates
  • Step Five: Prioritize and Execute Repairs and Improvements

There are significant incentive rebates available for commercial compressed air systems from DTE Energy and Consumer energy in Michigan. As an authorized Trade Ally, we can help you leverage all the available Michigan energy rebates and incentives for your compressed air system improvements.

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