Expert and Reliable Commercial HVAC Repairs

A failed HVAC system creates an uncomfortable environment that can reduce employee productivity, drive away customers, contribute to spoilage, shut down key process systems and even cause damage to computers and equipment. Immediate, reliable solutions from TCS Michigan puts you back in business without delay.

Every building facility is unique and every HVAC system installation requires its own unique design considerations to be effective. This is where our experience, innovation and ingenuity makes us the best HVAC partner to have on your construction and remodeling project. Properly designed and installed HVAC systems can deliver reliable comfort and the highest energy efficiency for many years.

When your building is not achieving a desired temperature the solution is not always a thermostat adjustment. It is likely that the HVAC system itself needs maintenance or repairs. By identifying and repairing issues with the HVAC equipment and duct work throughout the building we can help reduce your energy consumption and keep your environment comfortable.

DTE Energy and Consumer Energy are offering incentive rebates for replacement HVAC system upgrades that save energy. They will also pay for basic maintenance on your furnace heating units. We can help you apply for all the available Michigan energy rebates you have coming to you. This will save you money on improving your refrigeration systems and saving you money on future energy expenses.

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