Scheduled Maintenance of Your HVAC Equipment Keeps Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Smooth

When the coils of your HVAC system are blanketed with dirt and grime and even cottonwood seed it must work harder and burn more electricity. This means one thing…higher operating costs for your business!

An air conditioning unit with dirty coils can consume up to 37% more energy than when they are clean. On average, this results in an average utility bills that is $5,000 per month. Your facility could be wasting up to $22,200 per year because of a lack of basic maintenance!

Cleaning your air conditioning equipment’s coils regularly is critical to your businesses livelihood. It’s no secret that regular heating and air conditioning system maintenance makes good financial sense. It is a business investment that pays dividends over time by:

  • Delivering significant savings on energy costs
  • Ensuring your equipment operates at optimum efficiency
  • Enhancing equipment reliability and service life
  • Helping prevent costly future breakdowns
  • Improving indoor air quality

Preventative maintenance is the best method to ensure your system is operating efficiently and safely. Most heating and air conditioning manufacturers recommended that your commercial heating system is inspected and maintained at least twice a year. By following this schedule, your commercial air conditioning systems are less likely to cause discomfort to your customers and employees.

TCS Michigan is also an authorized Trade Ally for DTE Energy and Consumer energy. We can help you leverage all the available Michigan energy rebates and incentives. This will save you money on upgrading your systems and saving you money on future energy expenses. The payback many of these energy incentives is 24 months or less!

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