Air Handler Service, Repairs and Installation

TCS Michigan installs, repairs and services air handlers for commercial and industrial applications. Our technicians can service air handlers for facility environments that need precise controlled environments such as high-technology processing areas and clean rooms as well as office and retail facilities.

While air handlers seem simple because they basically only circulate air through a building, if yours breaks down it is just as important as the HVAC air conditioner or furnace unit it controls. you’ll need a professional to repair it.

Ignoring an air handler problem can be expensive. Having your air handler serviced is not something that can or should be put off. If your air handler is not functioning, than the air conditioner cannot work properly, meaning all of the other components such as a compressor or condenser will have to work overtime. This can cause damage to more than just your air handler, leading to costly repairs.

For many of our customers, we customize a scheduled preventative maintenance program to meet their specific air handler issues. A PM program typically includes:

  • Blower motor inspection
  • Blower wheel inspection and cleaning
  • Electrical connection inspection
  • Damper condition
  • Damper controls inspection and testing
  • Comprehensive overhauls to factory specifications

There are incentive rebates available for installing new controls for your air handlers from DTE Energy and Consumer energy in Michigan. As an authorized Trade Ally, we can help you leverage all the available Michigan energy rebates and incentives for upgrades.

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